Translation/Interpretation Services

Program Code:  (TRANSKIL Programme)

Under this programme the Centre offers translation and interpretation services from and into national and international languages.

These include;

Luganda, Lwo, Runyakitara, Lusoga, Lumasaaba, Kiswahili, English, Arabic, German, Spanish, French, Chinese, Japanese, Norwegian, Swedish, Danish, Dutch etc

The Centre of languages and communication services has a team of well qualified translators and interpreters with a wealth of experience and professional ethics.The team is composed of University lecturers and full-time translators

  • Among the translation projects the centre has undertaken are:
  • Draft Constitution Simplified into local languages
  • The constitution of the republic of Uganda 1995 into local languages.
  • Literature and other educational materials on Value Added Tax(VAT);
  • Educational materials and literature for the the Uganda Co-operative Alliance
  • Educational and Religious Literature for the Lutheran Media Ministry and for other religious organizations;
  • Resaerch materials/tools for Makerere Institute ofSocial Research and PLAN international,into various local Ugandan languages.
  • The poverty Eradication Action Plan (PEAP),into local Ugandan languages;
  • National Wetlands Policy,into Various Ugandan Languages.

Other Related Services

Proof-Reading and editing of the Promulgated Constitution of the Republic of Uganda,1995, in 6 major area languages;

We are the commissioned official translators for the Uganda Revenue Authority for which we translate vehicle importation certificates and other documents. We also translate foreign academic transcripts and certificates.