Our Courses


  1. Beginners I and II
  2. Elementary 1 and II
  3. Intermediates I and II
  4. Advanced


ENGLISH: Two months; 80 Hrs per level, 2Hrs per day, Monday to Friday

OTHERS: Two months 48 Hrs per per level, 2Hrs per Day, 3 Days a Week

All courses are taught for a period of two months [or more depending on the need] and we give maximum attention to each student.

The Charges are 400,000 [ Ug.Shs] for all languages with the exception of English Language and Communication Skills which cost 500,000sh, French 300,OOOsh & Chinese 200,000sh for a period of two months. Registration fee: 20,000sh

The above rates of 400,000/= are for groups ranging from 5 students and more.

For the case of English language & communication skills, the rate of 500,000/= is for groups ranging from 10-20 students.

We also cater for individual students. (Special arrangements)

  1. Dedicated Classes: Foreign and local languages are at the rate of 35,000sh per person per hour.
  2. Up to 5 students and more: We charge 850,000sh for two months in case of Ugandans and 950,000sh in case of foreign students

Foreign and local languages are at the rate of 35,000/= per person per hour.

We charge 850,000/= for two months in case of Ugandans and 950,000/= in case of foreign students.

A certificate of merit and proficiency is offered upon completion of the courses.

The Centre also offers translation and interpretation services in all the above mentioned languages and many others.

Communication Skills:

Teaching and training in communication skills [COMSKIL Programme]

We consider communication to be one of the key aspects in human interactions. This programme provides training in communication skills to the general public, especially those who wish to use language more effectively in their respective professional settings.