Dr. Enoch Sebuyungo the Director of Centre for Languages and Communications with the Italian Instructors at the Certificate Awarding Ceremony Spanish and Italian Short Course

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Makerere Spanish and Italian Short Courses Receive Boost

The Short Courses in Spanish and Italian are serving as precursors to the fully fledged Degree programmes in these two very important European languages. These courses come within the context of global business and the widening of Ugandan networks for trade and cooperation.

The teaching of Spanish short courses in the Centre for Language and Communication Services started in early 2006, under the Director of the then Makerere Institute of Languages, Prof Manuel Muranga. From inception up until the year 2012, the Centre received technical support from the Embassy of Spain in Nairobi in form of instructors, scholarships, teaching aids and teaching materials.  From 2012 onwards, the Centre has had its own Spanish instructor, Ms. Grace Akullo, who not only attended the pioneer class with Mr. Javier Serrano Aviles, but also currently holds a Masters of Languages from the Univ. of Valencia.

The Embassy of Spain in Nairobi has also offered technical support in the form of developing the Draft Curriculum for the Spanish Subject. This was completed under the Department of European and Oriental Languages (DEOL) and as a result, the Spanish Beginners & Advanced programme was approved by the University Senate in 2013. The Current intake of Spanish is five students, with one student at the intermediate level. The Head, DEOL is also graduating in Beginners' Spanish. Students who complete the advanced stage can be integrated into the Degree programme if they fulfill all the university requirements for admission to the Bachelor of Arts in Arts, Bachelor of Arts in Social Sciences, Bachelor of Arts in Education.

The teaching of Italian Short Courses began in 2012 with technical support from the Embassy of Italy in Uganda. This support is in the form of instructors and teaching materials.

The current Italian language class has been supported with a grant of 6,500 Euros which has been used to pay instructors as seconded by the Embassy. The funds have also have been used to buy stationery and offer communication support to the Office of the Principal, College of Humanities and Social Sciences (CHUSS), The Dean, School of Languages, Literature  and Communication, and the Head, DEOL.  Makerere University highly appreciates this support which has enabled six Italian language students to complete their courses.

Makerere University sincerely appreciates the current support of the Embassy of Italy and the Spanish Consulate in Uganda which has facilitated these wonderful developments. The University looks forward to continual strengthening of the current support so as teach Italian as a subject in the Degree Courses. The University further aspires to see the approved Spanish programme take off and flourish.